The Barkers Dozen Private Label Organic Dog Treats

Are you a retailer looking to carry your own brand of Private Label Organic Dog Treats? Trying to figure out a cute gift for furry visitors to your vet's office, hotel or business, and think that dog treats with your own Private Brand might be the answer?

Look no further.

The Barkers Dozen has created seamless Private Label dog treat programs to suit just about anybody's needs. We have three options available:

  • Option 1 “Quick To Market”: In this option, the retailer utilizes one of the current treat recipes and shapes carried under the Paw Street Barkery label (please visit for current flavors). Packaging could be designed by the private label or one of the current styles carried by The Barkers Dozen. This option is the quickest to market. The recipe for the treats will remain the property of The Barkers Dozen and will not be shared with the private label retailer. This option works well for businesses that are interested in carrying a quality treat under their name, but are not worried about the proprietary rights of the recipe.

  • Option 2 “Growing Pains": In this option, the retailer enters the relationship with its own recipe. They may require more capacity but are unable or uninterested in creating the commercial kitchen space required for the next leap. The Barkers Dozen is utilized for production of that recipe, and signs a non-disclosure agreement, with the recipe owned by the private label and not utilized for any other projects. This option works well for companies that have the need to increase capacity but do not want to put in the monies to bring on equipment and personnel to expand.

  • Option 3 ”The Premiere Package”: In this option, the private label comes into the relationship without a recipe, but desires to own one. The experienced staff of The Barkers Dozen will create a recipe sepcific to the private label (at a cost of $150 per recipe). The recipe will then be produced in small test batches and sent to the private label for acceptance. The Barkers Dozen signs a non-disclosure agreement, stating that the recipe is owned by the private label and cannot be utilized for any other projects. This option works well for both established companies and startups that may not have a recipe but would like to own proprietary rights to the products being sold.

Why try to figure out how to reinvent the wheel (or dog treat), when we can get you on the right path in no time. Our treats are made of the highest quality, human grade, organic ingredients, so you can feel confident placing your logo on your Private Label pet treat.

We've done all of the hard work for you, and will get your Store Brand Dog Treat up in running in one of the shortest turnarounds in the market. Simply fill out the form below to get started!

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We are always interested in growing the list of organic pet treats we offer, and so if there is something you would like to see us try, e-mail us at

**Please note that all states have a registration fee that may apply for your private label. These registration fees are annual and are based per treat type produced under that label**